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How Autographed Baseball Cards Unlimited (aka ABC Unlimited) Got Started

I was born and raised just blocks from Wrigley Field in the early 60’s and began going to games daily in 1971 becoming addicted to the baseball. I started to get scorecards signed and the autograph bug bit me immediately. Then someone turned me onto baseball cards and that was it, autographed baseball cards period. Then in 1973 I was then turned onto the Executive House (thank you Dave Medima) hitting the visiting NL & AL teams hotel every day and I couldn’t get enough. About 1978 I started selling and trading with others as I just loved the game, being around the players, talking with other collectors, getting baseball cards signed, the chase, the rush, the challenge, everything as I was hooked for life.

Then in 1985 I moved to Southern California so I was very active at Dodgers and Angels stadiums while building up an extensive inventory of signed baseball cards. While I did work full time I continued my passion with autographed baseball cards and at this point I started building a list of other collectors around the country sending them periodic listings of what I had to sell. Now my passion was taken to another level….sharing it with others around the country, many who have become good friends throughout the years.

In 1996 I started Autographed Baseball Cards Unlimited relocating to a suburb of Phoenix for access to spring training, the Arizona Fall League, the Diamondbacks and AAA ball let alone many of retired ex-players living here. If it’s buying out collections, trades, spring training, fantasy camps, golf tournaments, lots purchased from Mastro Auctions (1998), AFL, baseball dinners, conducting private signings I bring in between 1,000 to 5,000 cards a month always sharing it with others. A few years ago I started hunting down obscure players contacting family members, co-workers, ex-wives using various resources and this has been a LOT of fun tracking down the unfound ex-players and setting up private signing with 'em.

I sure hope you have the autograph bug also as it’s been a dream come true in putting this together. If it’s helping others with their collections or projects, building life long friendships, the thrill of the chase or probably the best part is being able to help ex-players when needed….I know this is what heaven is like, enjoy.

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